Telescopic Filling Machine in Samastipur

Automatic Telescopic Filling Machine Samastipur

A telescopic filling machine is a type of packaging machinery that is used to fill containers, typically bottles, with liquid products such as beverages, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals. The machine works by using a telescopic filling head that can be adjusted to accommodate different container sizes and shapes.

The telescopic filling head consists of a series of tubes that can be extended or retracted to reach the bottom of the container being filled. The machine then dispenses the liquid product into the container through the filling head, which can be adjusted to control the flow rate and prevent spills or overfilling.

Telescopic filling machines are typically used in high-volume production settings where speed and accuracy are critical. They are often used in the beverage industry to fill bottles with soft drinks, juices, and other beverages. They are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to fill containers with medicines and other liquid products.

Overall, telescopic filling machines offer a highly efficient and precise way to fill containers with liquid products. They can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries and can be integrated into automated packaging lines to further increase efficiency and productivity.

Features of Telescopic Filling Machine

  • changeable speed
  • Least power consumption
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low  maintenance
  • Single and Double Head
  • corrosion resistant and rust-proof
  • high affordability

Applications of Telescopic Filling Machine

This machine is apt for filling granular products like Tea, Sugar, Salt, Pulses, Grain, Spices, Tablet etc.

Technical Specification :

Range 0.5 gm to 1000 gm. (Different types of Machines)
Speed 6 to 25 Fills Per Minute.
Packing Material
Pouch, Jar and Bottle.


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