Tablet Packing Machine in Lower Dibang Valley

Tablet Packing Machine Manufacturer in Lower Dibang Valley

A tablet packing machine is a type of packaging equipment designed to package tablets or capsules into bottles, blister packs, or sachets for retail sale or distribution. These machines are commonly used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries to package tablets and capsules.

The tablet packing machine typically consists of several components, including a hopper to feed the tablets, a sorting mechanism to orient the tablets, a filling station to fill the containers with the tablets, and a sealing or capping station to seal the containers. The machine may also include a labeling station and a quality control station to ensure the accuracy and quality of the packaged tablets.

There are several types of tablet packing machines available on the market, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Some machines are designed for high-speed production, while others are designed for smaller batches or specialized packaging requirements. The choice of machine will depend on the specific needs of the manufacturer and the type of tablets being packaged.

Overall, a tablet packing machine can help manufacturers improve their production efficiency and ensure consistent and accurate packaging of tablets and capsules for distribution to customers.

Features of Tablet Packing Machine

  • accurately manufactured
  • sturdy and durable machines
  • Excellent performance
  • easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Quality reasonably priced

Applications of Tablet Packing Machine

This machine is employed in pharmaceutical Industries for packing tablets.

Technical Specification :

Power consumption 500W
Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50
Sealing Material Suitable for all kinds of plastic films & Any heat sealable laminate/Non laminate
Film Thickness (mm) 0.08
Sealing Size 6 to 10 mm
Height of Container 40 ~ 300 mm
Net Weight 180kg. Approx.
Temperature range ( ° C ) 0 ~ 300
Distance from the sealing center to the conveying table (mm) 10 ~ 40
Conveyor size (L x W) mm 840 x 153
Overall Dimension (Lx W x H ) 840 x 380 x 270

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