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Our Products

FFS Machine
FFS Machine manufacturers in ahmedabad, gujarat, india, faridabad, mumbai, delhi, pune, hyderabad, bangalore

Form fill seal machine is an assembly-line product packaging system. These machines make plastic bags from a flat roll of plastic film and simultaneously fill the bags with product and seal the filled bags. There are two types of FFS machines namely vertical form fill seal (VFFS)

Automatic Form Fill Machine
Automatic FFS Machine manufacturers, suppliers in india, chennai, mumbai

Our Fully Automatic F.F.S. Machine is apt for both free-flowing and granular products. Our machines are very hygienic for edible products packaging because our products are rust and corrosion free. Also the parts in contact with products are made up of S.S. These machines are easy to

Water Packaging Machinery
Pouch Packing Machine manufacturers in india, rajkot, surat, hyderabad, pune, lucknow

Khodiyar Industries holds proficiency in manufacturing Mineral Water Packing Machine. Our Mineral Water Pouch Packing Machine is highly demanded because of its high performance and excellent efficiency.

Tablet Packing Machine
Tablet Packing Machine

We are one of the chief Tablet Packing Machine producers in India. We with the help of our experts examine our products with all crucial parameters to ensure that our product performs remarkably with ample speed and is energy efficient. Our products are well appreciated by our clients

Horizontal Tube Filling Machine
Horizontal Tube Filling Machine manufacturers in india, mumbai, vasai, hyderabad

We are the chief Horizontal Tube Filling Machine producers in India. Our machines have compact designs and designed after making extensive market research and several researches at the R&D department. We lay a huge emphasis in maintaining the quality of the product we offer.

Liquid Filling Machine
Liquid Filling Machine

We offer you precisely engineered liquid filling machine apt for filling any type of liquid products viscous or free-flowing into bottles, cans and containers etc. This machine is time & money saving and offer exact filling of the liquid. These machines are easy to operate and do not require any specific skills.

Auger Filling Machine
Auger Filling Machine

We at filling machine are one of the foremost producers of Auger Filling Machine in India that give very correct and exact filling because of the precise design of auger screw, most up to date technology based clutch brake and its modernized micro processor control system.

Continuous Seal Machine
Continuous Seal Machine

We are leaders in the manufacturing of Continuous Sealing Machine. These Machines have an automatic conveyer system. These machines have very superior than any other conventional impulse sealer. This machine can pack highest number of packets in minimum time.

Telescopic Filling Machine
Telescopic Filling Machine

We provide precisely engineered Automatic Telescopic Filling Machine. These Machines are uncomplicated as well as have Compact Design. Their speed can be altered as per requirements. These machines are energy efficient and are easy to operate. They can be operated by any ordinary layman.

Pouch Packing Machine
Telescopic Filling Machine

We are the manufacturer of the all type of pouch packing machine. We focused on providing high quality packing solutions ensuring that the freshness and quality of food products is maintained in the packing.